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Under 50 grams of carbs a day will eventually get you to ketosis. Depending on the person and level of activity, it could take 2-3 days or up to a week before the body’s glycogen is depleted. The ketogenic diet often has short term side effects including dehydration, constipation, and occasionally kidney stones or gall stones. Very high ketone levels can be toxic, making the blood more acidic which can damage the kidneys and liver.

However, ketoacidosis is quite different than ketosis, with the former generally occurring as a result of a medical condition. Historically, there is evidence that some populations have experienced ketosis without serious damage to health or longevity. Some native humans seemingly thrived while in seasonal or extended states of ketosis. Some people tend to tolerate ketosis better than others. Although some of my clients have struggled with workouts and mental clarity when they first reach ketosis, most folks stabilize after a week or two eating high-fat, low-carb. Yes, ketosis is a state that the body can tolerate. It undeniably leads to weight loss and even has been used as a treatment for epilepsy since the turn of the century.

It’s getting to ketosis, however, that presents the struggle. I feel sluggish, cranky, and generally down on life. This stabilizes after a few days. It’s incredibly effective for cutting fat, but generally not an attractive lifestyle choice for the Average Jane or Joe. So What is The Verdict? Once you accept that fact, you can control carb intake depending on your level of activity to achieve optimal energy levels and fat metabolism. Can you make it work?

But it’s pretty advanced stuff. Consuming some carbs is easier on the body than consuming zero carbs or lots of carbs. The optimal level of carb intake for healthy fat loss is between 75-150 carbs a day depending on your activity level. Want to lose weight, build muscle, and get free downloads? Discover how to drop fat with chocolate, bacon, and cheesecake. Plus: learn the 3 worst foods you should NEVER eat and the 7 best exercises for rapid fat loss. Share this with your friends!

New Video: Does Exercise Make You Fat? What Results I Can Expect From Your Program? I went low-carb and that was the only thing that helped me lose weight! I couldn’t believe how easy it was at first. But then after not eating any vegetables I felt sick. Once I started eating them again, I felt better but the weight didn’t come back! Atkins gives low-carb a bad name because it encourages people to binge on bacon and bologna.

That will definitely eventually make you sick. Real food is where it’s at. First man, I love your site. Ya I tried the ketogenic diet when I was training for my photo shoot and I felt sick after a while. I couldn’t get through my workouts. But I’ll try it again with carb loading on the weekend. Glad you dig the site.

Going keto for too long definitely makes some people feel sick. A primal carb-feed may be exactly what the doctor ordered. I kinda suck a writing. I always thought that too, since that’s what goes around word of mouth and you hear on TV, etc. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it doesn’t promote that it all. Very primal if you ask me. The guys that wrote it are big time low carb researchers and are definitely not pushing unlimited amounts of crap foods like bologna. One of the guys, Dr. Jeff Volek has a pretty serious 6-Pack too along with awesome low carb studies going on. Atkins is a company and not just Dr. They made sure to note several times that they’re not needed whatsoever and mentioned it in several interviews after writing the book. They just weren’t into the idea of promoting those kinds of things, but had too since they were asked by the Atkins company to write the book based on all their collective research. Anyway, I just thought I’d mention that since I thought the same thing until I checked out the book myself.