My female cat sprays but nothing comes out

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I can’t afford a trainer, working a second part time job just to give them the best food and care. I cry when I look at her thinking I might have to euthanize her. But I don’t know what else to do. I hope you can help, because it would just kill me to have her euthanized!

From the way you are describing it, it sounds like Sadie may have a guarding issue. It sounds like she is guarding you and also her bed. Resource guarding is a pretty natural dog behavior, but that doesn’t mean we can’t fix it. Basically when a dog guards it is telling the other dog, human, cat etc. A way that we can fix the pillow guarding is to tether her to something and have her on her pillow. Take one of your other dogs on leash and from a safe distance toss Sadie a treat. Try to walk around and toss treats.

Remain at a safe distance. When that is going smoothly decrease your distance from Sadie. Take your time with this. The idea is that good things come when the other dogs are around. If she starts seeing that good things come when the other dogs are around she could even like when they are around. In regards to her guarding you, watch for signs.

If you are sitting there with her and you see her exhibiting any signs of guarding all you need to do is get up and walk away. If you are what she was guarding, and you get up and walk away, she will have nothing to guard. Also by you getting up it will be like a punishment because she won’t be allowed to sit next to you. If you get up and walk away and she continues with her guarding that means she could be guarding the couch and not the human. If she is guarding the couch do the same protocol I mentioned for the dog pillow. If she does make a bad decision and attacks another dog she needs to be separated for a period of time. Put her away for about 10 minutes or so.

If the other dogs do get near her when she is in one of her guarding spots and she does not guard make sure you praise her. The fact that she is 10 months is a good thing. In theory it shouldn’t take as long to fix as a dog that has been rehearsing the behavior for years. In a nutshell do the protocols I mentioned above. Praise and reward her for making the correct decision. Allowing other dogs near her guarding spots. Thank you for the question!

Canine Good Citizen Evaluator through the American Kennel Club. Ask the Trainer When Can I Stop Using Treats in Training? A female and a male. The male has attached the same 7 year old lab 4 times. The Great Dane wants to kill her. What would cause this type of aggression to my lab? My dog lives with my ex and has for 3 years, my ex has a dog as well.

Tonight, my dog attacked his dog and if he wouldn’t have been a St. Bernard, my dog would have killed him. He really scared them bad. When my ex separated them, on the way out the door, my dog turned around and growled at him. He is not neutered, and I would like to find an alternative to euthanasia, but I don’t know what to do. My ex doesn’t want him to be there anymore, this is the 4th time it has happened, and this time he did real damage. It is escalating too fast. I need some urgent help i have 2 dogs both 1 years old both females. I took one of then to the groomers the other day and when i came home and put them together the dog who stayed home attached the one who had just got back from the groomers i dont know why she does this now i cant even pit them together this has never happened before and i dont know what to do soo please anyone who knows why this might be happening tell me! I have 4 dogs a Australian Shepard Male 7 yrs. 4 and two great danes. 5years old female and 1 year old male.