My cat peed on me when i picked her up

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So, here I sit at the kitchen table, wondering what the hell I’m going to do with my life. What got me here was the second worst thing that could happen. The first was when my Mom died. I was the ripe old age of seventeen.

She was walking down the stairs carrying a box of old clothes for Goodwill and lost her footing. She ended up at the bottom with a broken neck. My Dad and I managed, with lots of help, to get through it. I struggled through that year in high school and managed to graduate on time. Our bond was even stronger after going through the grief process. With fierce determination, I graduated from college with a 3. 9 average due to the fact that I didn’t want to disappoint my Dad.

His plan was for me to take over his business and it was my dream too. He and a good friend started up an engineering business and built it into a little short of an empire. Their key to success was the government contracts that he had. A high school buddy had gotten into politics and he quickly found out how business was done in Washington. He learned where and how much grease it took to land contracts. One month after I graduated I was sitting in my office down the hall from his. I heard a woman screaming and bolted out the door.

My Dad’s secretary was standing in the doorway screaming and pulling her hair. I shoved her out of the way and found my Dad laying on the floor. I shouted at Mary to call 911 and started CPR on Dad. I don’t remember how long I kept at it, but the paramedics pushed me out of the way and started to work on him. I sat there in shock, leaning against the wall watching them. He had turned blue and they couldn’t find a pulse. Finally they put him on the gurney and rolled him away.

I just sat there, with tears running down my face. I just sat there trying to find some way to organize what I have to do. 3 billion dollar business that I only have a vague idea how to run and no family to turn to. The only friends I have were in college and for all practical purposes, they’re gone. The closest thing to family I have is Marie. She is the housekeeper that Dad hired after Mom died. She had been a friend, lover and a surrogate Mom.

I guessed her age in her early thirties. It all started with her the summer before I left for college. I had been out late partying with some friends. She came in with some of my clean laundry. I always slept in the nude, and I had pushed the blankets down in my sleep. My morning wood was up at full mast. I heard her clear her throat and I opened my eyes.

It took a minute for me to realize what was going on. She was just standing there looking at my cock. Nice package you have there. You could knock before you come in. You were dead to the world. This way I get to see your package. I started to pull the blankets up, but realized it was too late. Go take your shower and piss that away. I’ll straighten your room up. I showered, shaved and brushed my teeth.