Human pee smell out of carpet

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If i’m in Bangkok and you’re in Boston and i’m trying to stab you with a knife i’m not gonna reach you, unless you have an extremely long dick. I’m not effective because i’ve chosen the wrong tool for the job. So similarly, if i don’t want to leave a mountain of shit on my human toilet’s mouth i have two choices. Change the toilet or change the tool.

Well, you’re paying me to be my human toilet so i can’t very well change you. Hmm, i guess that means i should choose a different tool, or method in this case. Otherwise i’m gonna be dealing with a mountain of shit on your face. Maybe that’s good if i’m recreating a Close Encounters of the Third Kind scenario, but otherwise not so good. I know because i did the session with her last year and i did the video for it. The reason it’s perfect is because from start to finish you wouldn’t even know he’s eating her poo.

Even me, I didn’t believe he was actually eating it and you can hear me in the video asking her if he actually has her poo in his mouth. So i wanna talk about that, how i learned from her the proper way to do a human toilet training session, and what finally is your onus of responsibility being the trainee. It’s what put me in the hospital on Monday after Sunday’s session. There has to be a separation between pee and poo. Unfortunately they both come out together. It’s kinda like doing 69 and eating pizza, you have to stop one to do the other. The problem is the double tank system.

You know about it, i think guy’s are the same as girl’s no? You can pee normally but when that stops you’re not really finished are you? If you push what happens? Well guess what happens when i poo? Why is that even necessary? Because of that onus of responsibility I told you about. It is my responsibility to not drop dinosaur turds into your mouth like i’m a Dairy Queen Blizzard machine.

The actual secret to having a perfect human toilet session is to one make a perfect seal over the slaves mouth with my ass and two to let him break off and swallow what he can handle. So hang on, back up. About the first rule, that flies against every poo video you’ve seen on the internet. Umm, when was the last time you went to the bathroom and actually stood up on the toilet to shit in the water 3 feet below you? The same way your ass is sealed on the toilet seat, your mouth seals my ass before anything comes out. 50 chance of catching it, think again.

You’re not going to be all that comfortable as my human toilet. Lucky for you i weight under 50kg soaking wet, so the pressure on your face isn’t jaw breaking, but it’s still heavy. I need to sit heavy to make the perfect seal. Sorry, it’s the way it is. Which leads to the second uncomfortable thing for you, you inability to breathe. Which is a good thing because you’re all so afraid of how you’ll react to the smell right? Again, the onus of responsibility is on me to let my human toilet breathe every 30 seconds or so by leaning forward to take the weight off your nose.

So then what’s left for my human toilet slave down there is not a visual experience but a sensory experience. If your mouth is pressed hard against my ass you’ll won’t even feel my ass open or close, you’ll just feel the pushing and that takes forever. This is what the doctor said caused the blockage in my kidney on Monday. By blocking the second tank of pee from opening for the whole 10 to 15 minutes it takes to drop the poo down the garbage shoot i caused a horrible day long case of stomach cramps that were hellish. I’ve heard rumors that childbirth is painful but i have no said experience lol. You can put your hand down, i’m not accepting volunteers to get me pregnant so i can experience it for reals. Do you wipe your ass as your shit is coming out or after? Again, right tool for the job. Using a rocket launcher to kill you while you’re standing in front of me is probably not the best tool for the job. Unlike some of you assholes out there with your girls, i allow my man to spit lol.