Getting pet odor out of carpet baking soda

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Does it smell like animals, does it smell clean, does it smell like something was just freshly baked, etc. Vacuuming consistently, when you have pets, is very important. Vacuuming will help to get dander, dirt, oils, etc. Make sure that you clean this spot often. My cat loves to lay on the couch so I vacuum the couch, every time I vacuum the house.

After vacuuming your pet’s favorite spot, the next step is to de-odor it. Personally I prefer the homemade deodorizer because it contains baking soda which is great for eliminating odors. We used to have a cat that wasn’t good at cleaning himself so I used to bathe him! Animals have a lot of fur, and get dirty easily, so it’s important to keep them clean. Keeping them clean will help to keep your home clean and less stinky. If you fill your home with delicious smells then you, and guests, will be less likely to even notice the pet smells.

Here are a few products that I really like, and use to make my house smell delicious. I love plugins because you can control how much scent is being released and you can change the scents as often as you’d like. I think a plugin in each room is a good way to keep the entire house smelling good, which will help to mask the pet odor. If you have a litter box make sure to plug one in near the box! I asked each of them what the trick was and the common theme was a Scentsy burner. I’d had one for awhile but didn’t use it much but now that I know the difference it can make, mine is always on! My favorite thing about the Scentsy burner is that the scented wax is heated by a small light bulb, which means is flame-less and safe to leave on even when you’re not at home.

Another great solution for getting rid of pet odors are the scented reed diffusers. The funny thing about this tip is that I got it from a checkout clerk that the Dollar Tree! The reed diffusers are also great for bathroom or other places around the house that could use a little freshening up. There are lots of great ways to make your house smell amazing, and simmering spices on the stove is one of them. Just make sure that you don’t ever leave the stove burning when you leave the house! These are just a few ways to help eliminate and prevent pet odors in your home. How do you get rid of the pet odors in your home?

Leave a comment, I’d love to hear your ideas too! Wife, mother, child of God, and the founder of Ask Anna. I have always enjoyed cleaning, organizing, decorating and helping people, so I’ve put that all together on the pages of this blog. I truly hope my tips help you in your home and make sure to contact me if you have a question! I have 2 big indoor dogs so I worry about the smell. Because we have no carpet in the house, it is alot easier and less smell. I do wash their bedding every week.

I have to say I’m partial to Scentsy because I’m a consultant. I became a consultant because of how much I love it. When my Scentsy warmer is going it’s the first thing guests notice when they walk in. Their prices are very reasonable. They are safe for your home too. They don’t release any harmful chemicals and it won’t burn your kids if they touch it. Check out my website or give me a call.

I’m as close as your mailbox. REALLy wish Scentsy had an international market. I live in Spain and would reallyreally love to have one in my home! If you have paypal I can ship scentsy to you. Feel free to call or email me and we can get together on the information. I’d love to make sure you have Scentsy in your home. I recently bought 2 guinea pigs and have found that bathing them once a month as well as cleaning their play pen and cage every other day is necessary to avoid the litter smelling up the house. I use Nature’s Miracle to disinfect and deodorize the areas, which is great at getting rid of the odors, and then I have some Scentsy plug-ins going all the time. I’ll try the homemade scents and will check out that Pinterest board! Along with their great scents and warmers Scentsy also has Odor Out room spray specifically designed to get rid of pet odors. Let me know if you want to order some. By far and away, the best cat litter I’ve ever used is Fresh Step. I’ve been using it for about a year now and find that there is no smelly odor from the litter box even after numerous uses by my cat. In fact, I often just add litter to the box when it starts to get low rather than empty it out and start fresh. Of course, I scoop once day but even when I miss a day scooping there is no ammonia odor.