Get rid of cat smell outside

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There may be a place in your house that does not have the smell of your cat, so the mice may still come in. First of all, not all cats are natural mousers. Ideally, you will be able to find a kitty that has lived for some time outside and knows how to hunt. If you live near a rural area, you can normally find barn cats looking for a good home. They will know the cat’s background and should be able to help you select the right cat for your home.

A kitten would be sweet, but will not know how to hunt. The mother will be able to teach the kitten how to hunt. Female cats are also rumored to be better mousers. Consider encouraging your cat to visit the area where you have the most mice. You could give it a few treats in the kitchen or play a game in the basement where the mice are known to frequent. Cats love to brush up against objects, leaving their scent trail behind. If you can encourage your cat to do this where you also have mouse activity, the trail they leave behind will be a good mouse deterrent as well.

Does your cat have the play or kill mindset? There are some cats that will just want to play with the mouse. And they like to bring their toys home. You may find a dead mouse on your front porch or sometimes even in your house. A cat likes to bring its trophy home to his or her owner. They are very proud of their catch having sometimes been stalking them for days. And occasionally your cat will bring home a mouse that is still alive.

The funniest thing I heard was a story from my neighbor. Her cat brought home a mouse that must have just been stunned. The cat had it in her mouth when it came back inside. Getting a cat is a commitment. You have to remember that you are getting a pet, a new family member, not just an in-house mouse killing machine. Do you have the time and energy to devote to your new cat?

Do you know where the cat will live? You’ll need a place to keep the litter box, toys, scratching post, etc. So while getting a cat is a wonderfully natural solution to getting rid of your mouse problem, please make sure you are willing to commit to their care. After all he or she is working hard for you and deserves a good home! How Much Does a Mouse Exterminator Cost? Looking for the Best Mouse and Rat Exterminators in Chicago, IL?

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