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It makes people remember you. So, for one week, R29 staffers wore the go-to fragrances of some of the most famous women in Hollywood history — and things got interesting. Ahead, see what happened when we started smelling like stars — at the office, on the subway, and, yes, even in bed. I tend to feel older than my actual age and often, my beauty tastes reflect that.

I take more inspiration from women in the ’60s and ’70s than celebrities today, so wearing Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ signature fragrance was a dream come true. I’ve always wished someone would lean over the bar, get a whiff of my scent, and think, Wow! But I’m not entirely positive this perfume will be the one to do that for me. Amber, musk, patchouli, red fruits, and vanilla are powerful notes all on their own. Mixed together, you get a very dominating scent. Patchouli is certainly the strongest note here, and while the aroma is often an aphrodisiac for some, it wasn’t quite that for me. But, the scent is alluring in its own rite.

While it might not be my personal cup of tea, it’s deep, sexy in a woodsy way, and wildly unique compared to most fragrances I recognize other women wearing. This perfume wasn’t exactly collecting a bucket of compliments, but I’m certainly going to test it out on my next date. I have a good feeling it will leave a lasting memory. Tina Turner is an icon. Period, hands down, no questions asked. The idea of channeling her strength and ferocity felt like an easy way to add some extra pizzaz to my week. It consumed the senses and lingered on my skin and in the air for longer than I’m used to.

That being said, it’s also more demure than I’d expect from a stage presence as funky, sexy, and fierce as Tina Turner. As I wore it around the office and my apartment, I felt like I was getting a glimpse into her life off-stage and it made me consider her from a different place — more woman-to-woman than woman-to-superstar. Its intensity made me feel in control and ready for the day, but the citrus flavors brought me back to a domestic vibe. The combination made me feel dynamic. While Eau d’Hadrien won’t be a fragrance I likely pick up as part of my day-to-day routine, I enjoyed imagining how this scent must make Tina feel and having the opportunity to channel femininity and control from this vantage point. The signs indicate that I should love this Guerlain scent.

All my favorite perfumes — Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge, Tom Ford Noir, and Atelier Bloem Half Moon — have one thing in common: jasmine at the heart. Vol de Nuit does, too, along with bergamot and amber — notes I always go for. It’s got a good backstory, too: The name of the scent comes from a novel by Antoine de Saint Exupery about a woman waiting to hear that her husband, a pilot who lost control of his plane, is alive. Love, danger, suspense — so sexy! Alas, it is not sexy. At least not my definition of it.

The beauty team tried to pressure me into wearing it on a first date, which I couldn’t bring myself to dodating in NYC is hard enough without throwing weird little experiments into the mix. I never quite felt like myself in it. For a strong, trouser-wearing woman like Katharine Hepburn, I can see how it would be a power perfume — there’s a sophistication and glamour to it. But on me, a 20-something in ripped jeans, it just didn’t feel right. I have to admit: I’m a bath connoisseur. So, naturally, when I heard that the Gabor sisters not only bathed in this fragrance, but literally swam in it, I was immediately drawn in.

I’m always looking for new pampering goodies to add to my spa routine. Gabbana Light Blue or literally anything from Jo Malone. So, this crisp, lightly-fragranced bath oil was right up my alley. In hindsight, I think I expected too much. I usually choose foaming bath soaks and fizzing bath bombs. This oil, on the other hand, is very mild and only adds a hint of fragrance. I didn’t even think it worked at first until I came out of the bathroom and my roommates told me I smelled amazing. In the following days, I tested the oil out in the shower, but it just didn’t deliver the same results. So, on the next spa day, I went back to this oil, and my feelings cemented: There’s no question why Zsa Zsa used this oil to scent her pool. The scent is clean, pure, and calming. All in all, even though this fragrance is not something I would use every day, I think it’s a definite go-to for indulgent nights.