Do female cats spray pee

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I originally lived in a backyard colony and was brought to Cat Tales as a kitten. I’m fairly shy but could blossom in the right home with someone who loves me. I have a skin allergy and occasionally spray and pee outside of the litter box, but it may be due to all the other cats I live with! I’m waiting for a special someone out there that would be willing to work with me and give me a quiet home. Orange cats are known to be very friendly and I could add a lot of color to your life!

My name is Brandy and I was found on Grand Street. They originally thought I was feral, but I’m very sweet and just a bit shy. Because of my shyness, I would prefer not to be around dogs or small children. I also need a quiet home with a patient person willing to give me time to adjust. I love to hide under blankets! I also enjoy being pet.

Please come meet me because I am more than ready for my forever home and have been waiting a very long time. I’m a very friendly and affectionate girl, extremely playful. I would love a house to run around in. I’d be happiest as the only cat so I can soak up all the love, but I would be okay sharing with another non-dominant cat. Humans and dogs can’t catch this and it’s very rare for non-aggressive cats to get it. Plus, I’m otherwise a very healthy cat. If you are looking for a spunky but sweet cat, pick me!

I have a lot of love to give. This cat has the feline immunodeficiency virus. I had an owner but she passed away and her family stopped feeding us. Cat Tales came and rescued us from this horrible situation. I’m a very friendly cat once I know you. I am double pawed and have the most remarkable, exotic looking markings! I love other cats and would love to be placed with one of my Cat Tales friends.

I need a cat experienced, patient person to adopt me who will give me plenty of time to adjust to my new home. Do you have a home for me? I love playing with wand toys and laser pointers! These help me feel confident and bond with people. I am continuously growing emotionally and learning how to trust unknown people and not be startled by uncertain noises. I have grown so much that I am now seeking out attention of my foster parents so I really want a home where I can have more time with someone and continue to come out of my shell.

If you are looking to change the life of a cat and have the patience and acceptance of who I am, then I am looking forward to getting to know you. I still have a lot of love to give and deserve a home of my own as well. When I first came to Cat Tales, I was really afraid of humans. Now I love to be petted and we purr, purr, purr to let you know how much I enjoy it. I do have a grade 4 of 6 heart murmur, but you would never know watching me play. I act just like any other kitten my age.

I am still shy though with people that I don’t know. I am keeping my paws crossed that a kind and understanding person will adopt me and give me the time I need to adjust to a new home and family. I’m a very sweet girl, love to be pet and purr when you pet me. I need to be  kept healthy and need yearly vet exams, just like any other cat. Humans cannot catch this, and it is very hard for other cats to catch. I’m very healthy and can live just as long as any other cat. I prefer a quiet home without any other cats. I need a patient, cat experienced person who will give me time to adjust. I’m waiting for my forever home — is it with you? I was found pregnant at CVH. I am very grateful to be safe and well cared for now. I am very nervous and do not trust humans. I am very content with my feline friends at Cat Tales. I’d love to have a sponsor to help pay for my care. My sisters and I were found in a back yard, fending for ourselves.