Cystitis in cats antibiotics

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1 0 0 1 1207. 1 0 0 1 1247. What happens to your body when you grieve? Do these 6 winter health foods and supplements actually work? The term cystitis actually means an inflammation of the bladder although it’s usually understood to mean an infection of the urine affecting the bladder. The remainder of this article will focus on urinary infection and cystitis.

Who is at risk from cystitis? Between 20 to 40 per cent of women will get cystitis in their lifetime. There can be several reasons for the bacteria settling in the bladder. Inadequate emptying resulting in stagnation of urine may lead to infection. Even the small drop which is always left behind may contain bacteria. Conditions that may make it easier for the bacteria to travel through the urethra include those listed below. If pregnant women have bacteria in their urine, their urine should be cultured twice, regardless of whether or not they have any symptoms.

If the same strains of bacteria occur, they should be treated. Cystitis in women related to increased frequency of sexual activity. All of us have bacteria on our skin and during sexual intercourse these bacteria near the urethral opening may get ‘milked’ up into the urethra and bladder where they can cause cystitis. It’s a good idea for a woman to go to the toilet to empty the bladder after sex to ‘flush out’ any bacteria that might have made their way into the urethra. Particularly among people who have been in North Africa or the Middle East. The symptoms are similar to cystitis, but there are no bacteria in the urine.

A consequence of this is that the urinary system is more easily irritated by cystitis. Women using a deodorant or other potentially irritating material on their genitals may develop cystitis-like symptoms. What are the symptoms of cystitis? Burning sensations or pain during urination. Pain directly above the pubic bone. Children under five years of age often have less definite symptoms, such as weakness, irritability, reduced appetite and vomiting. Older women may also have no symptoms other than weakness, falls, confusion or fever.

Occasionally blood may be visible in the urine. It is important to drink sufficiently, so the bladder is flushed thoroughly. During urination the bladder should be emptied completely. It is a bad habit to sit on the toilet bent forward and reading while urinating. A trick is to place yourself backwards on the toilet, so you lean against the wall. This posture is more suitable in securing a complete emptying of the bladder than the usual sitting posture.

As a prevention, it may be helpful to drink cranberry juice every day or take capsules. There’s no doubt that this simple and natural treatment may help to reduce the frequency of recurrent infections. It is thought that the cranberry juice works by preventing common bacteria from ‘sticking’ to the walls of the bladder and so preventing infection taking hold. Urination immediately after sexual intercourse will flush out most bacteria from the urethra. Try to urinate at least once every two hours. Women who avoid urination for long periods suffer from more infections of the urinary system. These can be used unless a woman is vomiting or if there is blood in the urine or if a woman is pregnant in which case she should consult her doctor. Usually, a single course of treatment clears up the problem. But if symptoms persist after trying an over-the-counter remedy then you should consult your doctor. How does a doctor diagnose cystitis? The diagnosis of cystitis is primarily based on symptoms and signs. Visual appearance of the urine is not helpful. The specimen must be fresh.