Cat deterrent spray for garden

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Although a keen gardener all my adult life it was only when we retired to the suburbs that I started having problems with cats. Whether our move coincided with a cat population boom or not I don’t know. I have read that since tougher laws were passed on dogs and dog poop that cats are now the number 1 pet in the UK and more likely, I simply didn’t notice them so much when I was working and spent less time pottering around in the garden. A large clear bottle half filled with water strategically placed in their path is supposed to scare cats away because the reflection looking back at them is that of a bigger cat. Of the half dozen cats I witnessed wandering past one of these bottles only 1 seemed mildly concerned with the reflection and that was by no means enough to scare him off.

Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and may earn a commission for any cat deterrent products you may purchase through a link from this site. Please be assured this has no bearing on Bob’s reviews. The Scaredy Cat are experts when it comes to cat repellents and cat deterrents. 229 single-format-standard l-body wpb-js-composer js-comp-ver-3. Cats are beautiful animals, but even beautiful animals need to relieve themselves. Solving this problem can be tough, especially if you don’t know what to look for.

Before you read ahead and start trying out these solutions, there are a few steps that will help you in your quest. You must always remove cat faeces from your garden as soon as possible. Cats will often go back to the same spot to mark their territory. If that spot is on a hard surface, clean it with soapy water to try to diffuse the smell as much as possible. What’s the best natural cat repellent? If you see a cat in the act, try to stop it, but don’t scare it.

Walk over to the cat, pick it up and put it somewhere else. While the advice in this section won’t prevent cats from using your garden as their toilet, it will strengthen whatever method you choose to use. Using sound is one of the safest and most effective ways of getting unwanted cats out of your garden. These repellers will use infra-red sensors to detect movement, which in turn triggers the sound. Ultrasonic sound devices are known for being very effective and are much safer than many other forms of cat deterrent and usually come in either solar or battery form. There is one major flaw that many battery operated devices have, and that’s that they don’t all have battery life indicators! Because the sound is often too high-pitched to hear, it can be virtually impossible to tell whether or not the device is still working.

If you are going to invest in a battery powered cat repeller just bear in mind that you may have to fork out extra for a device with a battery indicator. With a solar powered cat repeller you won’t run into any issues regarding energy levels, unless you place it in an area that isn’t exposed to sunlight. However, if you install it in the correct place, then it should completely rid your garden of cats. Cats apparently dislike cayenne pepper because of its spiciness. After getting it on their fur they will often feel agitated. While you won’t have to cover your entire garden with it, simply scattering it in and around the area where they have done their business could be enough to sort out the problem. It’s worth noting that nine times out of ten these natural methods won’t be as effective as store-bought treatments.

If you have a more serious problem you’ll probably have to use a manufactured product. One bottle of repellent spray usually contains enough fluid to cover the average garden for an entire year. Cat repellent spray smells awful, but not all cats hate it. In fact, it could annoy you more than your local cats. If all else fails, chicken wire is one surefire method of getting cats off your garden as they literally hate walking on it. Let’s be honest, there’s plenty of things you’d rather be doing than playing neighbour watch all day.

Sitting around waiting for the neighbours cat to strike is enough to drive anyone mad. And best of all you’re teaching the cat to stay away permanently. You didn’t do all that to have it ruined by a cat digging holes and leaving it’s faeces. Not using a repellent is dangerous. If this is transferred to humans beings, it can lead to flu-like symptoms and muscle pain, which can last for several months. Cat feces is considered dangerous to pregnant women and it can also be a danger to children when playing in the garden. The Ssscat Automated Deterrent can be used to repel cats that are within a 1 metre radius of the device. It sprays a light shot of water when triggered, which scares off the cat and eventually stops them from approaching the given area altogether. Primarily for indoor use, the Ssscat Automated Deterrent is a handy device that’s simple to use, effective, and won’t cause any damage to furniture or décor.