Animal urine repellent

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This is our third shipment and the FOX urine has been extremely successful in dealing with the problem. Whether you spell it repellant or repellent, Predator Pee is the first choice for all natural organic pest control. Find the solution to mice, rat, rodent problems inside and out. And cars, RV’s, and boats too. Deer, rabbits, raccoons, ground hogs, porcupines, squirrels?

Our wild animal urine is the answer. It is time to stop relying on chemical repellents, and go with all organic, natural solutions that repel nature’s way. Coyote, elk, beaver, wild pigs, javelina and even armadillos, there is the right predator urine for your problem. Coyote Urine, Fox Urine, Bobcat Urine, Mt Lion Urine, Wolf Urine, Fisher Urine, and Bear Urine. The genetic fear of the predator works every time! Use Predator Urine to train your dog where to go! Maine Outdoor Solutions 2706 Union St.

Us — we’ll make it work or we’ll make it right! Boost your website’s traffic fast! Our new Yard Gard Multi-Animal repellent is a blend of several ingredients working in a variety of ways to deter squirrels, skunks, gophers, ground hogs, moles, armadillos, and chipmunks. We use the same time-release process to keep these animals away for months. We are the product that works! The longest lasting most effective product available! I am one of your most CONVINCED customers.

It was easy to apply and the armadillo that was giving my yard HELL every night stopped coming by! 4lb — Covers approximately 1000 Sq. 8lb — Covers Approximately 2000 Sq. Like our other products, Multi-Animal is a natural and safe repellent for use around children, pets, and the animals. Yard Gard Multi-Animal is a blended granular repellent designed to remove and keep away a variety of animals for months. It deters ground hogs, skunks, squirrels, gophers, armadillos, moles, and chipmunks safely by using a variety of techniques and creating a barrier against infestation.

Yard Gard Multi-Animal is not made with predator urine that may cause fear and confusion in your pets. Our patented time released formula removes these animals and keeps them away for months. We pride ourselves in providing a product that is safe and effective. Our natural formula will gives you peace of mind. We have the longest lasting product on the market. Yard Gard is the product that works!

Yard Gard all natural animal deterrent is specially formulated to deter ground burrowing and other wild animals from invading your yard and gardens. Yard Gard has been thoroughly tested and proven to work affectively if applied properly. If you applied Yard Gard animal deterrent and have not seen a decrease in animal activity after two weeks of proper application we will work with you to solve the problem, replace the item you purchased with a new container, or refund your purchase. To discuss an problem please call 1-855-665-3746 to talk to our application specialist about finding a solution to your issue. Note: Yard Gard granules must reach the ground surface so your yard may need to be dethatched if covered with dead vegetation, grass, and debris. Heavy rains may decrease the length of coverage.

How do you rate this product? We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. I purchased Yard Gard and was pleasantly surprised that it worked! I will continue to use this product and very pleased that I found it. Product had been installed for 2 weeks and haven’t seen the critters back. This product has not failed me yet, we have been ordering it for years now. I have been using this product for 2 years now and I love it. The neighbors walking their dogs don’t even stop to poop in my yard anymoreand I’m happy about that! Thank you for such an excellent working product! There is no effective opossum repellent.